Farm Insurance

 AgriChoice® is America's choice for farm insurance.

Our AgriChoice® farm insurance policy is designed for a broad spectrum of farms and ranches. We start with a base policy to protect what most farm and ranch operations require:
Farm home and contents
Detached garages and other buildings
Farm and ranch structures
Personal property
Liability protection
Machinery and equipment
Then, we offer a variety of optional coverages to tailor your policy to the exact needs of your farm or ranch. That way, you only pay for the protection you need. Not for coverages you don’t.
Coverage levels
An AgriChoice farm and ranch insurance policy can provide basic, broad or special coverages depending on the type of property you own.
Our basic coverage includes:
Rental reimbursement on farm machinery and equipment
Equipment breakdown coverage for equipment built into outbuildings
Global positioning equipment covered for special causes of loss
Cab glass repair or replacement, with no deductible
Foreign object damage to combines, covered at no additional charge
Damage during towing and hitching, covered at no additional charge
Farm machinery contact with roadbed or ground, covered at no additional charge
Primary coverage for borrowed farm machinery (your insurance pays first)
Fire extinguisher recharge costs
$5,000 coverage for credit card fraud
Provisions to help protect you in the event of unwarranted animal cruelty lawsuits 

AgriChoice® Plus Farm Insurance from Nationwide

AgriChoice® Plus is a combination of policies in a single package, designed for farms and ranches with commercial exposures. Your owner-occupied and tenant dwellings, farm and agribusiness properties and even processing facilities can be protected under the same convenient package.
If your operation includes activities like the following, consider the new risks that come with your growth:
Hauling or storing grain for your neighbors
Mixing feed
Confinement operations
Custom spraying
Processing, packing or shipping product
Be sure you’re protecting your assets and your future. Our specialized insurance policy covers the basics, such as property and liability insurance, and so much more.
Business advantage endorsement
This coverage can protect against:
Employee dishonesty
Foundations and other underground property issues
Money and securities theft
Damage or theft of property in transit
Farm liability and commercial general liability
This farm liability insurance coverage can be tailored to include:
Agricultural and food products you sell or process for others
Agricultural services you perform for others
Your farm premises and operation
Auto liability
AgriChoice Plus offers protection for liabilities as a result of owning, maintaining or using:
Commercial autos
Farm autos
Non-owned or hired autos
AgriChoice Plus also includes provisions to help protect you in the event of unwarranted animal cruelty and employment practices lawsuits.

Farm Insurance Coverage for Small Farms Ranches and Rural Acreage

Many people who own smaller farms or ranches or rural acreages believe their homeowners insurance will provide the protection they need. While this may be true, here’s a general rule of thumb: Tractors and other farm equipment, and outbuildings like barns, storage sheds or maintenance buildings typically require separate coverage.
CountryChoice protects smaller farms, ranches or acreages like yours. You have special risks, but you don’t need the same levels of coverage a production farm or ranch would.
In addition to coverage for the basics, like homeowners, property and liability insurance, this specialized insurance policy offers coverages for:
Loss to your harvested farm products
Farm machinery and equipment, like tractors, garden tractors, and power lawn mowers
Farm interruption, including loss of income
Products damaged while in transit
Optional CountryChoice liability coverages are available for:
Additional residences rented to others
Off-property recreational vehicle operation
Office, professional, private school or studio use
Neighborly exchange of labor
To design a CountryChoice policy that’s just right for your farm, ranch or acreage, talk to a farm insurance agent.